It's time to untangle life's complexities.

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What is MyHalo?

We make life simpler

Our secure platform centralises all of your information in one place to ease the complexity of life. Understand what your information means and protect your family in the event of your death.

Why choose MyHalo?

✔ Organise your important information centrally on our platform.

✔ Take control of your life with greater visibility of what your information means.

✔ Be a hero for your family during challenging times.

Features designed with you in mind

With the ability to share your information with Trusted Contacts and our in-built reminders functionality, life’s complexities become easier to manage.

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To store your life’s information in one place

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To look after your loved ones, no matter what

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To access life enhancing reports & insights

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To never miss a date or renewal again

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Enjoy life and let MyHalo do the rest

We exist to assist our customers in leading easier lives. From saving time and money to helping with later life planning, we are here for you.

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We believe everyone should have access to our life enhancing information. 

Trust and security at our core

MyHalo is a tech-for-good company. Our platform is built with security at its heart.

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Trust is everything

Build quality to ensure your information is never compromised.

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Site and server security: a cyber-safe application

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Encryption in transit: SSL using 2048-bit certificates

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Two-factor authentication: 2-step login for added safety

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Access to your data is limited to you alone

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Securing your data: AES-256 encryption with unique keys

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GDPR and IASME Compliant

Join MyHalo for a simpler life

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