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Jun 25, 2021 / Digital

Digital Vaults: What is a Digital Information Vault and Should I Use One?

Digital Vaults: What is a Digital Information Vault and Should I Use One? image

Our important information is increasingly fragmented. As such, we waste time, money and energy searching for it when we need it most. 

In this digital era, we no longer hold physical documents in a filing cabinet as we may have used to. Instead, it may be on our phones, on e-mail, in physical documentation or scribbled on the back of a notepad. From bank accounts through to utility bills, we often unaware where vital information is stored. This is frustrating and an inefficient use of our valuable time.

What is a Digital Vault?

Digital vaults are secure online platforms that allow users to upload their life’s information to ensure they can keep on top of it. Collating information and digital assets in one secure location is an easy solution to ensure people know where their information is when they need it most.

What is MyHalo?

MyHalo is a soon-to-launch secure digital vault. MyHalo users can expect to:

Digital Information Vault

The vault encapsulates nine hubs, covering all aspects of life. These are Personal Information, Finance, Health, Legal, Home & Property, Digital, Family & Friends, Golden Years, and After Life.

Secure Information Hubs

The platform has a range of features, including:


Unlimited storage for your information and personal data ensuring you can organise, share, and retrieve it on-demand.


Empower loved ones and trusted advisors. Allow individuals to co-manage and access your information when required.


Important reminders to keep you up to date; from car insurance to utility bills, we will ensure you never miss a thing.


Access to a suite of reports. Insights into important aspects of your life, all in one place.


Leading advice and content from the best experts to keep you in-the-know.


Access to experts who will help, advise, and guide you in all of life's important matters.

For more information on the Features, click here.

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Published Jun 25, 2021 |


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