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Jul 29, 2021 / Golden Years

Our Ideas for Retirement Gifts

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Retirement is an exciting time in somebody’s life. No longer do their lives have to revolve around a job; they get to spend their days as they choose. But what do you get someone to congratulate them on this next step? We have retirement present ideas for you to peruse, whether you are celebrating a colleague, employee, or friends or family.

Retirement Gifts For an Acquaintance

If you are getting a retirement present for someone you don’t know too well, you don’t have to just give them money or a gift card. They will still appreciate these gifts without you wondering if they already have them.

  • Flowers – Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Regardless of their gender, this is a great retirement gift, especially if the bouquet is in a colour they like. Keep in mind some flowers are poisonous to pets, so be sure to let the florist know if they have dogs or cats at home.
  • Book subscription – They are about to have a whole lot of time on their hands, so a monthly book subscription service will give them something interesting to read. There is a range of different subscription services out there that will make great retirement gifts depending on the person’s interests.
  • Spa or Beauty Treatment Vouchers – Treat them to a little bit of relaxation with vouchers to a spa or beautician. That way, they can choose the types of treatments they want.
  • A bottle of their favourite – If you know their favourite type of tipple, then a nice bottle will make a beautiful retirement present. Some places will let you get customised labels to commemorate the occasion.
  • A dinner out – A dinner for two at a special restaurant is a great gift for a retiree. They get to celebrate the occasion with their significant other or loved one and maybe try somewhere they usually wouldn’t treat themselves too. Keep dietary requirements in mind; gifting a vegan dinner at a steakhouse is poor form.

Retirement Present Ideas For Family or Friends 

If you know the retiree well, then try to get something personalised. This could be something related to the things you know they want to do in retirement or things they never had the time to do while they were working.

  • For the cook – Gift them something related to the type of cooking or baking they like to do. This could be classes for a cuisine they have always wanted to try or equipment that they need for certain types of food. It could even be particular ingredients. You could even get good quality chopping boards or a set of knives.
  • For the traveller – Presents like travel journals, travel wallets, or luggage tags are good, low-cost retirement present ideas. Be aware that other people might get them those as they are expected. Depending on your budget, you could get them some luggage or give them money to put towards their travels.
  • For the gardener – A safe bet is to give them a voucher to a hardware store that also sells plants. That way, they can use the money for building flower beds, buying spades, and of course, plants as well. If you want something a little more personal, you could buy them some gardening tools or a good quality pair of gardening gloves.
  • For the foodie – Foodies are some of the easiest people to buy for. You can buy vouchers for a tasting menu at an exclusive eatery or cooking classes for their favourite type of cuisine. If they like a particular type of alcohol, then there are tasting events, vineyard or distillery tours, or even places that allow people to make their own whiskey.

Retirement Present Ideas By Gender 

As it is the 21st Century, we can acknowledge there will be a lot of overlap between retirement gifts for women, retirement gifts for men, and retirement gifts for non-binary people. We will provide a few ideas below, but it is better to think of retirement present ideas based on the hobbies of the retiree or the things they like.

Retirement Gifts For Her 

  • Jewellery – A bracelet or necklace is a lovely retirement gift for women. Pay attention to the jewellery they wear and try and get something they would like. If they wear a charm bracelet, some kind of charm would be a safe bet.
  • Personalised mug or cup – Depending on their tipple of choice, a personalised cup or mug would be a great retirement gift. A nice gin goblet, wine glass, or whiskey tumbler that has been engraved will help them to think of their colleagues while they’re having a drink.

Retirement Gifts For Him 

  • Watch – If they wear a watch, then a nice watch would be a great retirement gift. Try to buy something that is of their style.
  • Hipflask - An engraved hip flask is a great gift for any retiree who likes a cheeky drink. Engrave it with a message of gratitude or a simple “Have one for us.”

Retirement Gifts For All 

  • Photos – If you work in a tight-knit team, then a framed photo of your “crew” may be a great retirement gift. It will help the retiree to remember the good times. This is good as an accompaniment to another gift.
  • Hamper – You really can’t go wrong with a hamper, especially if it is a picnic basket or something they can use again.
  • Fancy pen or notebook – If the retiree is someone who always has a good story, then give them the tools to write down their next adventures. These can be personalised, or you could just present them with great quality items.
  • Experience – One of the best retirement gifts is an experience gift. This could be anything from a theatre night to skydiving or driving race cars. Think about their hobby and interests or things that they have spoken about trying.

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Published Jul 29, 2021 |


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